Dear visitor to my website:

I am loath to degrade the intrinsic beauty of these Cartesian graphs. Most every line, word, symbol, color, contrast and perspective is intended to portray and infer an objective to the viewer. To the uncouth Barbarian …? These Hanscyrus spheres portray the divine, and are considered sacred to the keen of this generation and will be so to many others in the future. Of course feel free to go wild or silly for a spell safely within the confines of mind, if you wish. Pause in thought before you mangle in public.

"Is nothing?! sacred?"

I tip my hat to the young folk today who will further develop this unique, mathematical perspective of Life, some of whom at some future date will write the paper of Papers, … or so I like to think :) 

Those Cartesian graphs are the prettiest things this side of the Mississippi River.