Parting thoughts

Imagine the archaeologist stepping carefully along a path of life and to one day glimpse the bone from the skull of a pterodactyl protruding up from the detritus, and then mounting thrill and excitement with each passing moment of the day.

Imagine the architect, the construction worker to son or daughter, "See that building? I helped build it."

René Descartes drew the first ones. Centuries later I was privileged to take down from The Shelf of Mathematical Equations elementary books of Cartesian Graphs and begin to draw and work the  x, y, z  axes eventually to cause our minds to perceive some type of thing "over there." 

My past events in life were critical towards the discovery of Hanscyrus Pictures. The world would never know given the present state of Western academic curricula. Venture here: for mature audiences only.

Believe it: Someday, Murgatroyd will live, and love, and then die.

"What is the Creator doing?"

That is all I want to convey. Have a pleasant day.