Half-way through my novel and up until I publish the manuscript with iUniverse I'm thinking for some type of a vehicle to drive my treatise into the public domain. Watching a number of episodes with Miley Cyrus and her friends in the television sitcom, Hannah Montana and I found it, with a little revision.

The final episodes have Miley and Emily Osment settling in as college students. This last scene is ideal, a perfect prelude, and my mind takes off … .

A young Rock Star meets an older gentleman within a college environment. The Sage attends classes and lectures specific to basic and intermediate levels of neurology, electronics, biology, familiarizing himself with subject matter pertaining to the causes of and for biological cognition. Miley and Emily are enrolled in liberal arts courses with the intention to find a particular area of study and interest to focus upon and devote their lives to. The girls listen to the Sage talk of his own secret project to find the systems and methods of biological cognition, and to write the paper of Papers, and the girls are fascinated, join the Sage and together begin to structure their time 24/7/365 to the quest. "Rock Stars" and people of means may join the Sage and the Maiden in their quest for the secrets of cognition. For various reasons, these people join and eventually …? yes, do research on their own. The race is on between cultures and nations.. My intentions are to cause interest for the quest of discovery within the fan base from other past and present Rock Stars and celebrities, and thus to give the Maiden America sitcom two seasons of "bounce" … . 

A platonic and contentious relationship between the pragmatic, older Sage and the liberal folk the Sage has gathered around him as current world events are brought to the table. Who has enough courage to play the roles of Mohammed and Aisha as scenes of the past unfold while the Sage schools the Maiden about Islam as portrayed by Bukhari, cf. my bone to pick? I have tact, civility and, you betcha', the courage. My backers have and will probably always fold like the cheap cameras they are. Thus, I require my own resources to bring my projects to the attention of the masses, and …!? I digress.

My sitcom is tentatively entitled, Maiden America.